Mind Games - Established in 1977 and based in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, Mind Games is one of the biggest games shops in Australia. We have a wide range of board games, puzzles, role-playing and miniature games and supplies.

What's New Mind Games? 29/11/16

What's This? More New Releases? Heck YES it's more new releases! This week there's something for everybody be they a fan of miniatures, mammoths, gardening or even warm weather? So without further ado, come on in and check out this amazing collection of gaming action! From the top we have : From Mr Pandemic himself, Matt Leacock, we have Chariot Race*! A surprisingly uncreatively named game about racing .... chariots .... The Order of the Gilded Compass. The latest re-tread of the dice placement classic Alea Iacta Est. The Oracle of Delphi*. Stephan Feld's Essen darling, a euro racing game about battling monsters and receiving the favour of the gods. Cottage Garden. if you love Patchwork and

What's New at 244 Swanston? 25/11/16

Christmas is close at hand, and with both GenCon as well as Essen now in the rearview mirror we can all finally look forward to the deluge of incredible games heading our way! So let's kick it all off with a pile of highly anticipated games!* From the top we have : Overseers Not Alone Mystic Vale : Vale of Magic 13 Days 7 Ronin Food Chain Magnate Cottage Garden Tiny Epic Western Key to the City - London Ulm Champions of Midgard London Dread & Clank! *Limited Supplies on stock above, so drop on in and snare yourself some of these babies. Stock levels between 145 and 244 Swanston St may vary.