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Hero Realms

Hero Realms is out now! If you're a fan of Star Realms then you should definitely check out this game, Hero Realms is a fantasy version of Star Realms however it has new playable modes, Such as free for fall, Hydra and hunter. Much like Star Realms players start with a deck of cards that can be used to either recruit other cards to your deck or damage your opponents. The expansions allow the players to start off as a particular characters and fight co-cooperatively against a boss.

Favourite Board Games?

What are some of your favourite games? Here is a list of my three favourite games that I just cant get enough of. Hive- Hive is a highly addictive strategic two player game, where the aim is to surround your opponents queen bee piece. The game starts off with each player playing one piece each down connecting them together, after that each player takes a turn playing either one of their piece's or moving a piece. Raptor - Raptor is a two player game where one player plays as the scientist's who's aim is to capture three of the five young raptor's or shoot the mother raptor five times. The raptor's goal is either escape with three of her five young or kill all of the scientists on the board.

Ultimate Guard Deck Boxes are back!

We've just had a restock of our Ultimate Guard deck boxes! These deck boxes perfectly fit your Star Wars Destiny deck (including dice) along with Magic The Gathering.

BloodBorne the card game

Cool Mini or Not game latest game is out now!! Introducing Bloodborne the card game! Bloodborne is set in the curse city of Yharnam on the night of the hunt, you have come to the city to use the power of the Chalice and fight your way through the dungeon. In this game three to five hunter's enter as friend's, however only one hunter can gather enough blood to escape the nightmare that lies within the dungeon. Bloodborne is a push your luck card game where the hunter's are constantly under attack by the nightmarish creatures that can deal infinite to all hunter's that are engaged with them. Will you stay and fight or will you return to the Hunter's Dream and re-arm yourself and come back and

Latest Arkham Horror Lcg is out now

The latest Arkham Horror lcg pack is out now The Miskatonic Museum contains scenario II of The Dunwich Legacy Campaign, the pack contains 60 fixed cards with new player cards. While we have your attention you should investigate some of the playmat's we have in stock for Arkham Horror. We have Bloodlust, Narrow Escape, Across Space & Time, and best of all the Four Player mat!!


Games workshop Blitzmania has begun! We have a small box of freebies for participating players that play and register games in store, so pop over to the Bloodbowl website register you team and get some games in for exclusive Blitzmania loot! Register here: https://www.bloodbowl.com/

Latest Wave of Star Wars X-Wing is out now!!

Introducing the latest wave of X-wing QuadJumper Sabine's Tie Fighter Upsilon - Class Shuttle Each of these three ships bring a unique play style to the game, swing by and find out what each ship brings to the table

Game Workshops latest releases!

The Changer of Ways has landed on feathered wings! Come on in and check out the new range of Tzeentch Deamons alongside some reboxed staples, from the mighty Lord of Change (or Kairos Fateweaver, it's your choice), to the small and mighty-annoyed Blue and Brimstone Horrors! And, don't miss out on the awesome new resculpt of the tricksy Changeling. Blood Bowl fans! For you we have the Dwarf Giants (seems a little ... off?) plus their dice and some new Special Play card packs! Get in quick, some of these items are only here while stocks last!!

Star Wars Destiny and Magic The Gathering Singles!

Sorry for being so quiet but we have some exciting news to bring to you all, Mind Games 145 Swanston street is now selling Star Wars Destiny Singles along with Magic the Gathering Come in the store and check out our new range of singles!!