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New gangs spotted in Gotham!

The streets of Gotham are bad enough but now we have new releases to deal with! 2nd edition plastic models are now available.

Dead of Winter Warring Colonies

Dead of Winter Warring Colonies is in stock!! Dead of Winter - Warring Colonies is expansion for both Dead of Winter and the Long night. Warring Colonies introduces new survivors, items, crossroad cards and more importantly crisis cards!! My favourite crisis is 30 Below! if you fail this crisis you skip the move survivor step for all player turns in the next round Another bonus of Warring Colonies is if you own both Dead of Winter and the Long Night, you can now play an epic colony vs colony variant for 4 to 11 players. Will you survive another long night in the winter? Only one way to find out!

Latest Stock

Happy Weekend everyone, The latest Imperial Assault is out now!! Heart of the Empire includes a new campaign with sixteen brand new missions within the heart of Coruscant. Or do you prefer Skirmish battles? Well then, Heart of the Empire includes a AT-DP, Baton wielding Riot Troopers and twin gunned Sentry droids to annihilate your opponent. Along with Heart of the Empire we have: Ahsoka Tano - Ally Pack Maul - Villain Pack Emperor Palpatine - Villain Pack In other news fans of the latest LCG Legend of the Five Rings, might've seen that Fantasy Flight Games has announced that the first six Dynasty packs are being released over six weeks. If you want to be kept up to date with Legend of the