Mind Games - Established in 1977 and based in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, Mind Games is one of the biggest games shops in Australia. We have a wide range of board games, puzzles, role-playing and miniature games and supplies.

Fate of the Elder Gods - our spooky game of the week!

It’s Halloween season, and you know what that means.. time to summon ancient evil and cast doom upon all creation with our new game of the week - Fate of the Elder Gods! We invite you to assume the role of a cult in the pursuit for power and knowledge. Each player competes to summon their Horror before the rest, gathering arcane artefacts and learning unholy spells as they race to be the chosen of their Elder God. Players navigate the board – or the Fate Clock – and use their hand of spell cards to influence the course of the game. Being present at any particular site on the Fate Clock gives players an opportunity o perform an action, such as gaining useful artefacts at “The Museum” or enabl

Witcher RPG is finally out and on the shelves at Mind Games!

Now the fans of Andrzej Sapkowski’s legendary universe can live out their own adventures, assuming the roles of one of the game’s unique classes. The game is set between video games The Witcher 2 and The Witcher 3, with some modularity to reflect The Witcher 2’s multiple possible endings. Players will be able to create a variety of races and archetypes as characters, including the eponymous monster hunters. Powered by Fuzion, the same ruleset that made Cyberpunk 2020 gain worldwide player acclaim, The Witcher Role-Playing Game features a myriad of spells, rituals, and curses, as well as an expansive bestiary of monsters a player could encounter during their adventures. The Witcher RPG promis

Preorder the mighty Executor star dreadnought and save!

Hey there folks! Something huge is in the pipeline - or hyperspace lane. Based on forwards intelligence, it looks like the Star Wars Armada Executor-class star dreadnought will be arriving in-system before the end of the year. The bad news is that the expected MSRP for this two-foot-long indestructible* beast of a model is AU $330. So, to soften the blow and gauge interest from imperial admirals, we’re doing a special preorder price of $280. You’ll need to put 50% of that price down as a deposit to secure a copy as we need to get a firm estimate of numbers for this one. Drop by our 244 swanston st store or send us a message on Facebook if you have any questions or want to pre-order your copy

Bring your party gaming to a new level with Ultimate Werewolf : Legacy - our new game of the week!

Love social deduction games, where you bluff your way out of a sticky situation, blame a murder most foul on your best friend, or channel your inner Sherlock Holmes to find the culprit? Then Ultimate Werewolf : Legacy is for you! The players are secretly divided into two teams – the werewolves and the villagers. The game time is also divided into the cycle of day and night. Throughout the game, the villagers try to deduce who the werewolves are, while the werewolves are eliminating them each night one by one, trying to remain uncovered. Villagers vote on who the werewolves are and eliminate the accused player during the day. But make your decisions carefully – in this Legacy game a bad choic

Vampire The Masquerade 5th Edition is in!

Vampire: The Masquerade is back after years of dead silence! Originally out in 1991, it’s last release was in 2011 but it’s now back with a shiny new pair of fangs and a modern streamlined rules design. If there was ever a time to get into the Vampire: The Masquerade, it would be now! The 5th edition of the much talked about RPG takes you back to the World of Darkness - the mirror image of our own reality, but the one where the shadows stretch further, people are meaner, and the monsters are as real as you and I. The players take on the roles of vampires, with all the repercussions that follow. Vampire: The Masquerade encourages its players to explore the monster nature of its characters, so

Travel to the ancient Japanese kingdom of Yamatai with out new game of the week!

Yamatai is a strategy game for 2-4 players, with modular board and rout building mechanics at its core. Players sail their ships, collect resources from nearby islands, claim territories on the archipelago, and employ specialists with unique abilities – all to build palaces and Torii for the glory of Yamatai’s new capital city, and for the beautiful Queen Himiko’s smile! Yamatai is a so-called “point salad” game, offering a variety of different ways a player can score points. The game doesn’t has a single focus, which gives players a certain freedom in their decision-making. There are several game-ending conditions as well, which means the game could end in a number of different scenarios –

Friday Night Magic - Guild of Ravnica

Come play Magic this Friday at Mind Games! We are going to run a Guilds of Ravnica night with the new Theme boosters, each containing 35 cards in the colour and flavour of a particular Guild, with a guaranteed 1 rare / mythic card in each booster! Guilds featured: Boros (white/red); Selesnya (white/green); Izzet (blue/red); Dimir (blue/black); Golgari (black/green). Choose your allegiance wisely! As always, the event will start at 6pm sharp, with registration opening at 5:30pm. There will be prizes, promos and MtG accessories on the night! Come and bring a friend - the more the merrier! See you there!

What's New Mind Games? 'Spring has Sprung' Edition

Once in a bluish moon Mind Games receives a lovely little letter from some dear intercontinental friends. Sometimes sent by air, often by sea, but each and every time it is a delight to receive. This particular kind of letter consists of several piles of large cardboard boxes filled with love... and games! This time the zooming iron stork of the cloud-kingdom has delivered a whole litter of new surprises from the American and European front-line of tabletop hype! Thankyou great air-borne machine bird! There’s limited stock of all this great and exclusive loot so get in while the frying pan is sizzling or you’ll miss the cook-off! Here’s a few in-depth looks at some of the exciting crap that