Established in 1977 and based in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, Mind Games is one of the biggest games shops in Australia. We have a wide range of board games, puzzles, role-playing and miniature games and supplies. We have two stores on Swanston St and both stores have two levels! Next time you find yourself walking down Swanston St, come in and say Hi!  

January 2, 2020

The latest Magic The Gathering set - Theros Beyond Death - is right behind the corner!

You are invited to celebrate the Magic story's return to one of the most beloved planes, Theros, with us at Mind Games!

Come by our 244 Swanston street store on Saturday, January 18th...

September 7, 2019

We sit in a circle. Tensions are high. Suspicious looks fly between us like a tumultuous flock of crows; darker than the depths of our deepest distrusts, but made of suspicion instead of regular crow parts.
Someone turns to me: "When do you finish up today?"; a safe qu...

August 13, 2019

A dash or role-playing, a handful of storytelling and a classic Gothic setting - the perfect ingredients for your new favourite party game! Escape the Dark Castle is a light-weight cooperation game of adventure and horror, offering spooky atmosphere, cool art and a sim...

July 31, 2019

It's been a long wait, and it's finally over! Funemployed is back on our shelves here at Mind Games!

Funemployed is a party game where you're trying to become employed. You know, just like real life, but with a fun and fantastical twist - mundane jobs come with some of...

March 12, 2019

Halli Galli Fruit Punch - now available at Mind Games!

Just like the original Halli Galli, Fruit Punch offers a fast-paced, suspense-filled game. Players flip cards depicting one of four kinds of fruit in groups of 1 to 5. Once 5 of the same fruit is revealed,...

October 7, 2018

Love social deduction games, where you bluff your way out of a sticky situation, blame a murder most foul on your best friend, or channel your inner Sherlock Holmes to find the culprit? Then Ultimate Werewolf : Legacy is for you!

The players are secretly divided into tw...

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