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Runewars & Blood on the Altar Thursday 13th

Thursday the 13th of April is a very big day for Fantasy Flight Games


Next week their latest game gets released, Rune Wars is the first Miniatures game that they've released since the split with Games Workshop.

Runewars is based the realm of Terrinoth, players will command armies and charge into battle trying to destroy each other.

The key to Runewars is formation, each row of units you have allows you to roll an extra attack die, however each column of units you have allow you to re-roll a attack die.

Also coming out on Thursday the 13th is the latest Arkham Horror Lcg expansion, Blood on the Altar

Blood on the Altar is the third expansion for the Dunwich Legacy

If you want to keep up to date with Arkham Horror Lcg you can join our pre-order list

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