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Happy Thursday

It truly is a happy Thursday,

Today we have three new products to hit our shelves,

The Pallid Mask is the forth pack of the Path to Carcosa campaign, in the Pallid Mask you and your companions enter tunnels in search of a stranger, you believe this stranger must be connected to the events surrounding the performance of the King in the yellow at the ward theatre.

Breaking Bad - Based off the hit TV show, you will play as a member from one of the criminal factions trying to manufacture the biggest stash of Blue Sky. You can win by either producing the most Blue Sky and selling it before your opponents or just by eliminating them.

StarFinder RPG Alien Archive - The latest book from the Starfinder range, in this book you'll find some amazingly detailed creatures of all sorts, you'll also find over 80 life forms, over 20 new races with full player rules, new alien technology and a robust NPC creation system.

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