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Create your own garden with Topiary – our new game of the week!

Topiary is a light-weight abstract strategy game, in which players try to position their garden visitors in such a way that they can observe at once as many topiary sculptures as possible.

All of the plants are categorised by their size, and the bigger plants can be viewed behind the smaller ones. This way, visitors can see the plants closest to them, and the ones behind if the size permits it. You can score bonus points for visitors who see multiple topiary sculptures of the same type. Players slowly fill in the garden by adding tiles until everyone has placed all their visitors.

Build your beautiful botanical creations, line up your visitors – and may the best gardener win!

For a 10% off an in-store purchase of this game, quote our promocode : GARDEN

Complexity: 1.5/5 Time: 15min+ Players: 2-4 Mechanisms: Area Control,Hand Management, Worker Placement

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