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Explore the galaxy with our new game of the week - Kepler-3042!

Welcome to the 3rd millennium! We've finally obtained the necessary technology to reach and colonise the many planets of the Milky Way. The nations of the Earth compete in an un-armed race to explore and terraform new celestial bodies - all for the benefit of humanity as a whole.

Kepler-3042 is first and foremost a resource management game, in which you will use the available technologies and allocate resources in your space expedition. Each player has a finite amount of matter, energy and antimatter that they can produce or spend during the game, so make every decision count! The game also introduces an interesting and unique tech tree to play around with. At the end, the game ends on the 16th turn, when all the points are calculated. The most efficient player with the most points - wins!

This thematic strategy game encourages less conflict and more exploration, so if you were looking for a good Space game without much warfare, Kepler-3042 is a perfect board game for you!

For a 10% discount on an in-store purchase of this game, quote our promo code - MILKY WAY

Complexity : 3.5 / 5 Players : 1-4 (can be played solo) Time : 1 hour +

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