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Dice Fiend's Paradise

This week sees lots of awesome new stock for us, far too much to fit into just one little update, so I’m going to break it down!

First out of the boxes is a mountainous shipment of dice and dice accessories from Metallic Dice Games!

As you might guess from their name, they specialise in metallic role-playing dice of various designs. We’ve had a few in the past, but now we have their whole range! However, metal dice are definitely not the only thing they do:

As a final, special item we’ve managed to get a very limited amount of gorgeous gemstone dice- these are top quality and cut from a variety of semiprecious stones. They’re absolutely stunning up close and would make an amazing gift to a long-suffering dungeon master or the centrepiece of a collection. The stock photos don’t really show how great these look so I took a few ultra-closeups myself to show them off!

Naturally, you’re going to want some protection for those, so we’ve got that too! Dice pouches, trays and fold-down towers plus some lovely little dice carriers in both natural hardwood and heavy duty silicone if you’re after a more budget option!

All of these are on display at our 145 Swanston St store for when we’re all allowed out again, but as ever we encourage you to peruse and perhaps even purchase through our partner Gumnut for the time being!



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