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Ankh: Gods of Egypt!

So it turns out all those baddies from Stargate SG-1 are based on REAL Ancient Egyptian gods? Just found this out now.

ANKH - GODS OF EGYPT is a territory control game in which players take control of one of 5 Egyptian gods (Amun, Ra, Osiris, Isis or Anubis) vying for control of an ancient mythical Egypt. Each god has its own abilities and will level up throughout the game becoming more and more powerful. One of the really cool unique mechanics in this game is that at a certain point in the game the two lowest scoring gods can merge together.

But really… this game is all about the minis. Packed into the box are 80 of the most exquisite high detailed miniatures you have ever seen. The publisher of this game is named Cool Minis Or Not and I don't think anyone could argue otherwise. This is the third game designer Eric Lang has made with CMON, completing a trilogy of kick starter funded big-box miniatures games (following Blood Rage and Rising Sun).

But sadly, despite having so many miniatures, there is of course one god they forgot to include in this box. … and that’s my guy Daniel Jackson.


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