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So Clover!

SO CLOVER! is the latest in what we’re calling the “if-you-liked-codenames” trilogy. First came Decrypto, then Just One, and now the latest game to join the word association party game is So Clover!

It’s really simple. Each player takes one of the green clover boards and randomly places four of the keyword cards into position. Then, on the outside leaves of the clover they write a single word that associates two words together. For example, if you had to link the words SHEEP and CLOTHING you could write the word WOOL.

In the second phase of the game the white word tiles are removed, jumbled, and an additional tile is added to the mix. The other players must then guess how you had your clover configured using your word clues. Sounds hard? I guess you’d have to be pretty… SMART to play this game.


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