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Discover the mythical land of Hyperborea!

Special discount - 40% off! In our new game of the week, players take on the roles of faction leaders and compete in exploration, conquest, and civilisation development. Each faction has its signature strengths, and players are welcome to develop their own strategy to victory. What will bring about dominance over the rival states - direct military actions or the search for arcane powers, the conquest of ancient ruins, or the discovery of long-lost artefacts? Hyperborea is a medium-to-lightweight strategy game for 2-6 players, characterised by bag-building and area control mechanisms. The game begins when the magical barrier standing between the 6 kingdoms and the vast lands of ancient Hype

Welcome to Agra!

Find yourself in 16th century India under the Mughal dynasty’s rule. As the festival approaches to celebrate the current ruler, Akbar the Great, you see it as an opportunity to multiply your wealth, appease the emperor with lavish gifts, and thus increase your social standing… And at this note, we welcome you to our new game of the week – Agra – a fascinating and highly strategic board game for 2 to 4 players! In Agra, you compete against other players to become the most powerful and profitable landowner this side of the River Yamuna. Agra is a Euro-style strategy game on the heavier side, offering each player a multitude of ways to victory. Each player takes his or her turn to pursue differ

MtG players, gather round for our weekly Friday Night Magic!

Bring your own casual deck, or give a go to one of our pre-built store decks to try something new. As always, there will be boosters and prizes on the night! Don't forget your DCI number if you have one, but not to worry if you do not - we'll set you up with an account upon registration :) Come along and bring your friends to a night of Magic at Mind Games! Event fee: $5 Registration : 5:30pm Event start : 6:00pm