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Discover the mythical land of Hyperborea!

Special discount - 40% off!

In our new game of the week, players take on the roles of faction leaders and compete in exploration, conquest, and civilisation development. Each faction has its signature strengths, and players are welcome to develop their own strategy to victory. What will bring about dominance over the rival states - direct military actions or the search for arcane powers, the conquest of ancient ruins, or the discovery of long-lost artefacts?

Hyperborea is a medium-to-lightweight strategy game for 2-6 players, characterised by bag-building and area control mechanisms. The game begins when the magical barrier standing between the 6 kingdoms and the vast lands of ancient Hyperborea disappears, and the ruins of the fallen civilisation are suddenly there for the taking. Each player starts off with a kingdom that has limited knowledge and access to housing, trade, growth, etc. It is up to the players to develop their realms as they progress through the game, conquering new territories and acquiring mystical knowledge. But beware - as a kingdom develops and strengthens its military, scientific progress, and trade, it also acquires “corruption” and “waste” - power corrupts, as we well know, and the more complex a society becomes, the more waste it produces…

Players : 2-6

Time: 1h+

Complexity: 3/5

For a 40% discount off an in-store purchase of this game, use our promocode: MYTHOS

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