Mind Games - Established in 1977 and based in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, Mind Games is one of the biggest games shops in Australia. We have a wide range of board games, puzzles, role-playing and miniature games and supplies.

Dadliest Day of the Year

Hi "just-scrolling-the-internet" we're Mindgames Melbourne! Here at Mindgames Melbourne we understand that there are 3 unwritten rules to having an amazing fathers day: 1. 2. 3. With that in mind we at Mindgames Melbourne would like to wish the most amazing of fathers days to all fathers, step-fathers, father-figures, paternal mentors, patronising older friends and anyone else with the esteemed honour of being called "Dad"! Having a bit of trouble figuring out the perfect gift to show one of these special people how much you care? Mindgames Melbourne has something for every dad! We have Punderdome for punny dads (the Cards Against Humanity Dad Pack for dads who like to take dad jokes a

Pathfinder 2.0

Can Chirugeons' concoctions cause corporeal change? Do Dero devour dangerous decay despite disease? What weapons will wise warrior wizards wield when warring with Werebeasts? If any of these questions have kept you awake at night, or just kinda occurred to you that one time, then you're in luck! Pathfinder 2nd Edition Core Rule book, Bestiary, Game Master Screen and more are in stock now at Mind Games Melbourne! Now easier to learn and faster to play, offering deeper customisation than ever before, and brand new beasts like the living-nightmare Nilith; whether you're looking for some quality role playing material or just the pretty pictures, Pathfinder 2nd Edition offers a world of possibili

Create your own Planet!

Imagine, what if you had the power to create your own planet... In Planet, a light-weight family board game, you are tasked with building the landscape of a planet from scratch - deploy mountain ranges, expand lush forest and hot deserts. Tile by tile, create your own environment. Each habitat will become home to different species of animals. Once you've met the conditions for the appearance of a certain animal, you gain its card! In the end, the player with the most life on their planet - wins! Planet is a perfect little board game for the whole family to enjoy - simple yet elegant, easy to learn and fun to play! With its environmentally conscious theme and its beautiful art, it'll become a

No Thanks, really I'm alright, you take it.

A number of turns pass and the chips begin to pile up. One of us is taking this card; Andrew has chip equity for days, and Eric has the resources to support his stubborn streak. So it looks like this is between you and me, and I couldn’t be happier. I clasp my hands tightly around my chips, and I shake them. I shake ‘em good. I wait watching to see if you crumble. You don’t, you play a chip but I can’t imagine you have many more left with the sour look you wear. It gets to my turn and I smile as I pay my chip, and add a cheeky “no thanks” - confidence is key. It gets to your turn, now with even more gusto I shake my four remaining chips. They rattle selling an idea of wealth beyond your imag

Pre-order Throne of Eldraine with us!

The new exciting set for Magic: The Gathering is nearing, slowly but surely, and we are starting our blind pre-orders! This time, things are a tad different. There are 2 ways you could go about with your pre-order for this set. First, if you only wish for a booster-box with no add-ons other than the usual buy-a-box promo, the price is $135. This is our usual deal. Second, you have an option to get a Throne of Eldraine Collector's Booster with you booster box and your buy-a-box promo for a total of $160. Come by any of our CBD stores - 145 & 244 Swanston street - and make your pre-order today! Please note that it's one buy-a-box promo per customer, and supplies are limited.

Dice sets, trays and pins.. oh my!

The new Pathfinder 2nd Edition is hitting Australian market very soon, and we are ready to receive the game with open arms here at Mind Games! We've got a variety of new dice trays, a few cool new Chessex dice sets, and some shiny pins and accessories from Campaign Coins - everything you need to step into the new Pathfinder adventure! Come by our 244 Swanston street store to check out these and many other new goodies from the table top RPG world.

Decrypto: better than Codenames?

They are on to us. They know what our words are, I know it. They haven’t guessed our code yet but they are getting a little too close for comfort. We have exchanged codes back and forth six times now and you are running out of ways to tell me the words without giving them away. To make matters worse, it’s your turn. For our word ‘Cactus’ you give the clue ‘Flower’, you may have been too obvious. I mean, how hard is it to work out that our previous clues of ‘Desert’ and ‘Spiky’ go with it, simply add in ‘Flower’ and that is clearly ‘Cactus’! Yet our opponents are confused. They think ‘Flower’ goes with our clues for one of out other words; ‘Banana’, and you can definitely can make an argument

Deception: the Game-changer Game?

Tonight's the night! Your boss is coming around for dinner and board games and you're finally going to convince them that you deserve that big promotion. Everything is prepared to perfection; your place is tidy, a roast is in the oven and the perfect playlist of the 80's hits is wafting around like the opposite of a bad smell. The doorbell rings, you open the door to find your boss standing at the door... WITH 8 PLUS ONES!! Your boss raises a casual eyebrow as if to ask "How will you handle this? Can I rely on you?" You look around the small crowd coming through your doorway, it's not going to be easy; Jim from accounting hates taking turns, Alice from sales only ever wants to talk about ser

Escape the Dark Castle - available at Mind Games!

A dash or role-playing, a handful of storytelling and a classic Gothic setting - the perfect ingredients for your new favourite party game! Escape the Dark Castle is a light-weight cooperation game of adventure and horror, offering spooky atmosphere, cool art and a simple and easy-to-learn gameplay. Take the role of one of the prisoners, wrongfully incarcerated withing the dark depths of the Castle. Each character has its unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Now its up to you to work as a team and escape the Castle! Bypass its treacherous traps, go through the challenges that you will encounter on your way our, and maybe you'll be lucky enough to see the light of day... Escape the Dar

Invoke the dark powers of an ancient deity in our new game of the week - Cult: Choose Your God Wisel

Welcome to Eternal City, where several growing religious organisations seek to take over the populus in the name of their deity. In Cult: Choose Your God Wisely, you are a leading one of such organisations. Attract more followers into your cult, and let your dark master cast its shadow over the city! Send out your priests - garner influence, recruit new cultists and compete for the souls of mortals - all for the glory of your God! Each turn players dispatch their loyal priests to available locations withing the city, and as the game progresses more areas will unlock. The locations are won using each priest's strength, but the outcome of every conflict may also be determined with the help of

Azul; hottest game of all time?

It's Friday night, the lights are low. I look over the table and our eyes meet, a long and passionate moment passes. The tension breaks as I take two red tiles from the top of a coaster. ‘No’ you whisper, ‘sorry, I need these’ I lie. With all your vulnerabilities obvious, Azul is intimacy. A game about tiling shouldn’t be so sexy. Azul is my favourite two player game, whilst still being a fantastic game for three or four as well. A lot of that comes down to simple and elegant game design. Overview: The game happens in three stages. First you must takes turns choosing tiles from coasters, in this game you are tiling a wall so you are going to need some tiles. This makes up the excitement of t

Get creative with Junk Art!

With over 10 game modes and over 60 different components to play with, Junk Art challenges you to create art from junk! The game can be played several different ways - at the beginning you choose 3 cities from 12 locations available, each with its own unique twist. The game rules and mechanics change depending which cities you chose! Travel between the cities, work on your unique masterpiece, and score as many points as you can in the process. If anything falls - it stays down! In the end, the player with the most points wins the game! Junk Art is a highly re-playable dexterity party game, simple to learn and quick to play - a perfect game for a friends and family board game night! Pick up y

Explore the galaxy with our new game of the week - Kepler-3042!

Welcome to the 3rd millennium! We've finally obtained the necessary technology to reach and colonise the many planets of the Milky Way. The nations of the Earth compete in an un-armed race to explore and terraform new celestial bodies - all for the benefit of humanity as a whole. Kepler-3042 is first and foremost a resource management game, in which you will use the available technologies and allocate resources in your space expedition. Each player has a finite amount of matter, energy and antimatter that they can produce or spend during the game, so make every decision count! The game also introduces an interesting and unique tech tree to play around with. At the end, the game ends on the 1

Magic at Mind Games!

This Friday, we're playing Standard! Come by our 244 Swanston street store and partake in a friendly game of Magic: The Gathering. Whether you are new to the game or have been playing it for a while, all are welcome! The registration opens at 5:30pm, and the game begins at 6pm. As always, there will be boosters and promos on the night. Please keep in mind, this is a new-player friendly event and we encourage the use of casual decks. Due to the limited spaces available, the seats will be assigned to the first players arriving for the event! :) See you there!