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Invoke the dark powers of an ancient deity in our new game of the week - Cult: Choose Your God Wisel

Welcome to Eternal City, where several growing religious organisations seek to take over the populus in the name of their deity. In Cult: Choose Your God Wisely, you are a leading one of such organisations. Attract more followers into your cult, and let your dark master cast its shadow over the city!

Send out your priests - garner influence, recruit new cultists and compete for the souls of mortals - all for the glory of your God! Each turn players dispatch their loyal priests to available locations withing the city, and as the game progresses more areas will unlock.

The locations are won using each priest's strength, but the outcome of every conflict may also be determined with the help of miracles and intrigue cards, just to keep everyone on their toes! The player that successfully spreads their influence over a location gets to profit from its unique boons, while the rest of the players get money as compensation.

In the end, there are three ways you can win the game - either be the first to build 5 chapels, lead the mob in the religious uprising to take over the city, or summon your dark God before anyone else. Deliver the Eternal City to your cult's master and the victory is yours!

For a 10% discount on an in-store purchase of this game, quote our promocode : SOUL


Complexity : 3/5

Players : 2-5

Time : 1 hour+

Mechanisms : Worker Placement, Bidding

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