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Fog of Love is Game of the Week ! Get 10% off with the password: DESTINY !

More about the game: It's a 2-player scenarised game that packs more complexity and depth than meets the eye: Each player impersonates a character (defined by randomized traits) in a love relationship. Try to make your character happy (and their partner if you want to play nice ;-) ) by matching decisions from scenes that both player will play during their turn. The different chapters of the relationship will decide on what kind of scenes (light, serious, drama) you draw. It;s up to you to play the right scene, and try and match (or not !) with the other player's decision to reach your objectives and stay happy together. Ultimately, in the Chapter Finale, try to reach the direction you pi


CALLING ALL Kings, Queens, Lords, Ladies, Baronesses, Barons, Counts, Viscounts, Duchesses, Dukes, Vassals, Regents, Stewards, Khans, Marquis’, Popes, Sheikhs, Caliphs, Dauphins, Sultanas, Landgraves, Despots, Patricians, Baronets, Princelings, Knights, Esquires, Court Fools and Peasantry... Kingdomino is back in stock at Mind Games Melbourne! The winner of the Spiel Des Jahres award (Game of the Year) in 2017, this accessible and addictive tile-laying game is taking the world by storm! And for only about half the price of a ticket to the rugby – a very affordable storm. Explore and expand the best plots of land as you compete to rule the most prosperous kingdom! Steal coveted tiles from you

Fog Of Love: An exciting, romantic gameplay !

On Valentine's Day last week Fog of Love hit the shelves ! It's a 2-player board game in which your character (with their unique traits, occupation and secret motivations) will have to make the relationship work, or not! Getting to know the other player's character through the scene cards they decide to play will be essential if you want to achieve both your goals and theirs. As the choices are made simultaneously, consider what your partner might choose and their agenda before you play your own cards! If you were too busy playing Warhammer 40k on the 14th last week, redeem yourself by getting a copy of Fog of Love for your lover <3