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Fog of Love is Game of the Week ! Get 10% off with the password: DESTINY !

More about the game: It's a 2-player scenarised game that packs more complexity and depth than meets the eye: Each player impersonates a character (defined by randomized traits) in a love relationship. Try to make your character happy (and their partner if you want to play nice ;-) ) by matching decisions from scenes that both player will play during their turn. The different chapters of the relationship will decide on what kind of scenes (light, serious, drama) you draw. It;s up to you to play the right scene, and try and match (or not !) with the other player's decision to reach your objectives and stay happy together. Ultimately, in the Chapter Finale, try to reach the direction you picked for the relationship, which is your chosen Destiny <3 Fog of Love: a solid 16/20 Come to our stores on 145 & 244 Swanston St and tell us the password: DESTINY to benefit from the promotion ! -Yann

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