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Dixit - a game of art, communication and interpretation

When most people think of board games there are some typical things that come to mind: dice, complex rules, mathematical strategies and extremely attractive salespeople, to give a few examples. If these attributes don't sound all that appealing to you then don't worry, we have plenty of great games that don't require any of those things! (although that last one is always a recommended option). One such game is Dixit - a game of art, communication and interpretation. It's a beautiful game for three to six players, whether they be families with kids, families without kids, families that aren't family or even groups that aren't families at all! The rules of Dixit are so simple that I can explai

Monopoly Deal

What if I told you that you could win a game of Monopoly with only three sets of properties, and do so in fifteen minutes or less? Without even cheating! It's no isolation-hallucination people, it's Monopoly Deal! Based off the ever popular capitalism simulator, Monopoly Deal is a card game where you get to play Monopoly in a fraction of the time (so much time for activities!), with zero player elimination (no one gets knocked out with another few hours to go!) and a proven 27% decrease in creation of lifelong feuds upon completion (and a 100% decrease in actual research to that claim!). Monopoly Deal plays with incredibly simple rules. Each card has both money value and a role; if you play

Zendikar Rising - preorders open!

Zendikar is on the rise once more and we're about to go embark on a new adventure within this exciting plane. One of the most popular planes in Magic: the Gathering, Zendikar is one of ever-changing landscapes rich in mana and home to a variety of races and unique creatures. Last time we have visited the plane, we were battling the awe-inspiring Eldrazi, mysterious creatures beyond our comprehension. Now, we return to Zendikar without the Eldrazi. Are you ready to explore this world, face its dangers and claim its riches? We are opening our pre-orders for Zendikar Rising! We are opening our pre-orders for Zendikar Rising!Before we hit the major spoilers, we offer *$144 per draft booster box

How to introduce your friends and family to board gaming 101

We’ve all loved some classic games growing up, but here at Mind Games Melbourne we know that there’s a wild world of exciting new possibilities in board gaming, with many fresh new titles coming out each year! We also know that sometimes getting friends and family to join you on this exciting journey of discovery can feel like pulling teeth. Seriously, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it give Mysterium a fair go. Geez… With that in mind, today we recommend a “gateway game” into the fun addiction that is board games. With a play time of only 30-60 minutes (dang, that’s not too long!), player recommendation of 2-5 (and such a versatile player count!) and a difficulty rating of

Get 'em now and get 'em quick y'all!

Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles restock alert! These things fly off the shelves so fast we don't even have time to think of an adequate metaphor for how fast they sell! We've got 1000 piece-es, 1500 piece-es and 2000 piece-s for those of you craving the traditional puzzle experience and are looking for a jigsaw on a bigger side, and for those of you who are after something a little different we have a range of Escape Puzzles in stock too! When you attempt an Escape Puzzle putting the pieces together is only half the task; look through what you've made to find clues, solve puzzles and find your way to the solution to the mystery within the image! Thinking a Ravensburger puzzle might sound like th

Changes Instore and Online Discount

Hello to all our Mind Games friends and supporters! Following the new restrictions announced today, we can confirm that we will be closed to browsing from Thursday August 6th. For the next two days (Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th) we’ll be open from 9am to 7pm. We expect to continue to fulfil orders for our online partner Gumnut. Ordering from Gumnut is also supporting Mind Games, and we sincerely thank you for any you’re able to provide. You can use the coupon code STUCKINSIDEROUND2 at www.gumnut.io for 5% off. Another heads-up: we suspect that some of our suppliers may be affected by the shutdown, and we may not be able to keep some popular product lines in stock for long. There’s also a ch