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Monopoly Deal

What if I told you that you could win a game of Monopoly with only three sets of properties, and do so in fifteen minutes or less? Without even cheating!

It's no isolation-hallucination people, it's Monopoly Deal! Based off the ever popular capitalism simulator, Monopoly Deal is a card game where you get to play Monopoly in a fraction of the time (so much time for activities!), with zero player elimination (no one gets knocked out with another few hours to go!) and a proven 27% decrease in creation of lifelong feuds upon completion (and a 100% decrease in actual research to that claim!).

Monopoly Deal plays with incredibly simple rules. Each card has both money value and a role; if you play the card as money then it's worth the amount indicated, if you choose to play it for its role, then it does what is written on the card - as simple as that! The aim of the game is to complete three sets of properties, and you're a winner! To do this you'll play your cards to gain properties and money but you'll also play cards to charge people rent and steal their properties. Sneaky!

Thinking Monopoly Deal might sound like the game for you? It’s available now from our affiliate online store -

Monopoly Deal: Don't have time for a game of Monopoly? Play this! Do have time for a game of Monopoly? Also play this instead, but more times!

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