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Magic Gatherers, are you ready to pledge your allegiance?

The recent Ravnica block continues with its new set, Ravnica Allegiance, re-introducing this plane's iconic guilds and its members. This January, we will reacquaint ourselves with Gruul Clans, Azorius Senate, Cult of Rakdos, Orzhov Syndicate, and Simic Combine. Pledge you allegiance to one of these powerful guilds - will you rather become Simic's ingenious biomancer, a judge of the lawful Azorius, the wealthy Deathless of Orzhov, or seek pleasure as a hedonist Cultist of Rakdos? Or perhaps you'd rather reign chaos as the six clans of Gruul? In any case, there's something for everyone! Ravnica Allegiance is just round the corner! Come on down to Mind Games on January 12th for an Open House, a

Battlestar Galactica : Starship Battles

Engage in an epic space battle and protect the last surviving members of Mankind in the new combat miniature game - Battlestar Galactica : Starship Battles! After 40 years of peace, the Cylons are back with a new massive force! The Twelve Colonies lie in ruins and the human race is facing extinction. The Colonial Fleet is humanity's last hope for survival. Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles is a starship combat miniature game created by the same designers as Wings of Glory and Sails of Glory. The game includes ready-to-play, painted and assembled miniatures, with a special base to support its unique game mechanisms. In the game, players take control of Colonial and Cylon spaceships in h

New Games for XMAS!

Its festive news time Mind Gamers! We’ve got a load of new games just in time for the holidays, so drop on by and be the Santa Santa would want you to be. Thunderstone Quest First kickstarted in 2017 Thunderstone Quest has finally hit retail shelves. A big, chunky deck-building dungeon crawler with many different game modes available, You’ll have years of dungeon explorin’, monster fightin’ and item equippin’ to slog through if you pick this one up! The Mansky Caper A hot new release from Calliope games with a stellar rating BGG. Al Mansky, the biggest mobster around is out of town so you and the your family take the opportunity to lighten his pockets. Push your luck as you each split up and

Keyforge is back on the shelves at Mind Games!

Thinking of getting into Keyforge, or expanding your existing Keyforge collection? We've got the Starter Sets and the decks back in stock! Haven't heard of Keyforge yet? This unique new collectable card game offers over 104 quadrillion possible decks, every deck is completely one-of-a-kind, and no two battles will ever be the same! The game has been well-received by the tabletop community and role-playing fans alike. Assume the role of a powerful Archon and take your deck of followers to victory! Intrigued? You should be! To learn more about Keyforge and its rules, click on the link .