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Magic Gatherers, are you ready to pledge your allegiance?

The recent Ravnica block continues with its new set, Ravnica Allegiance, re-introducing this plane's iconic guilds and its members. This January, we will reacquaint ourselves with Gruul Clans, Azorius Senate, Cult of Rakdos, Orzhov Syndicate, and Simic Combine.

Pledge you allegiance to one of these powerful guilds - will you rather become Simic's ingenious biomancer, a judge of the lawful Azorius, the wealthy Deathless of Orzhov, or seek pleasure as a hedonist Cultist of Rakdos? Or perhaps you'd rather reign chaos as the six clans of Gruul? In any case, there's something for everyone!

Ravnica Allegiance is just round the corner! Come on down to Mind Games on January 12th for an Open House, and on January 19th for our pre-release of the new set!

Pre-order your Ravnica Allegiance booster box with us until January 5th for a special price of only $135, and get the buy-a-box promo - The Haunt of Hightower!

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