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Disney Lorcana TCG - Available Now!!

Step into a world of Magic and Adventure with Disney Lorcana, the enchanting trading card game that's capturing the hearts of fans everywhere. The buzz around Disney Lorcana has been electrifying, and for good reason!

Summoning your favorite Disney characters, from iconic heroes to notorious villains, all brought to life through beautifully illustrated works and special abilities.

Whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to trading card games, Disney Lorcana offers an immersive experience that's both thrilling and nostalgic.

Starter Decks for "The First Chapter," "Rise of the Floodborn," and "Into The Inklands" are now available. Each deck is a gateway to a new realm of Disney magic, filled with unique cards and captivating artwork that will leave you spellbound. "The First Chapter" introduces you to the core of Lorcana's enchanting universe, while "Rise of the Floodborn" and "Into The Inklands" expand on the story with new characters and adventures. With stock now hitting Australian shelves, now is the time to start your collection and dive into the lore of Disney Lorcana.


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