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That’s right, we’ve got something special for all you miniature warfare players out there. A limited edition, badass looking Astra Militarum Catachan Colonel. I mean, look at this guy! Look at his exposed muscular arms - in the grand tradition of 1980’s action films like Rambo and Predator, this fighter needs no armour to nail a monster to the ground. He ain’t got no time to bleed. For the purposes of this post, let’s call this badass Dillon. Dillon, you son of the Imperium! Now, Dillon is a special guy, there’s not many like him, in fact we’ve only got three copies available. How does one get their hands on Dillon, you ask? Spend $100 or more on Games Workshop products in either of our Swan

Cockroach Poker - bluffing with critters

You look at your hand of cards - 2 cockroaches, a stink bug and a bat. Jessica has already collected 4 bats in penalty, and her final 5th bat will win you the game. You cheekily pass the card in her direction, without breaking eye contact. She swallows, as you declare - it's a bat! Everyone gasps. Her eyes dart around the table. Could this be a lie? She frantically starts card-counting in her head, trying to read your face. "I.. I don't believe you" she exhales. You triumphantly flip the card. A bat is staring back at Jessica. This is the end. This is Cockroach Poker. In Cockroach Poker, you've got a deck of cards full of critters and the objective is to "palm off" as many cards as possible

Monikers are back!

The popular party game Monikers have long evaded us, but now it is back and happily residing on our shelves here at Mind Games. Based off the game Celebrities, Monikers mashes charades and word association into an absurd and hilarious combination. Not limited to well-known people only, Monikers gives you a vast variety of nouns and concepts to play around with, from Grumpy Cat to Skynet to Ebola! Moreover, players aren't just giving away clues in the classic yes-or-no fashion, they are performing all kinds of shenanigans to help their fellow teammates guess correctly. So how does this game play? The players are divided into teams, each with a pre-selected deck of cards containing all sorts o

Two Rooms and a Boom

Hey there you! How have you been? Hope you're looking after yourself in these wild lock-down times! We know you're being good and staying at home or are out there being essential, but have you thought of how you're going to reward yourself when it's safe to get back to your everyday life? Maybe you'd like something that brings together a group of six to thirty friends over the age of eight? Oh yeah I think we've got some things for that... Maybe you'd like a chance to flex those deception and deduction muscles that have been dulled by your month-long Netflix-binge? Hmmm, we could definitely suggest some options... Maybe you'd like to satiate your urges of blowing up a high-ranking government