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Cockroach Poker - bluffing with critters

You look at your hand of cards - 2 cockroaches, a stink bug and a bat. Jessica has already collected 4 bats in penalty, and her final 5th bat will win you the game. You cheekily pass the card in her direction, without breaking eye contact. She swallows, as you declare - it's a bat! Everyone gasps. Her eyes dart around the table. Could this be a lie? She frantically starts card-counting in her head, trying to read your face. "I.. I don't believe you" she exhales. You triumphantly flip the card. A bat is staring back at Jessica.

This is the end. This is Cockroach Poker.

In Cockroach Poker, you've got a deck of cards full of critters and the objective is to "palm off" as many cards as possible on the other players. Offer someone a card from your hand, face down, stating what critter it is (you're very welcome to lie about it!). Can they guess whether you're bluffing, or perhaps telling the truth?

Once a player misjudges a card, they have to place it in front of them. If they collect five-of-a-kind, or 5 cards with the same type of critter, they lose. And everyone else wins! Here's the twist though - if they guess correctly whether you were honest or told a lie, you place the card in front of you as penalty. If they cannot figure you out, they can pass, look at the card, and offer it to another player. You can exhale and relax, it's their problem now!

Cockroach Poker is a dynamic, fast-paced card game that will engage the whole table. Laughter guaranteed!

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