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Fast Paced Fun For New Years Eve

New Years Eve approaches and you have only one thing on your mind, getting incredibly wasted and making a goal that you aren't going to achieve. Seems like the perfect occasion for an exciting fast paced card game. These three games are simple enough that a drunk you can teach your drunk friends, while still being fun enough to hold their attention. Jungle Speed is the simplest of the three. Players are attempting to get rid of all the cards in their hand. Players look at their hard and select a card, everyone reveals at once. If two players match they must grab the totem that sits in the middle of the table, the player to do so gives their card to the player that failed to. 2-8 players. Hal

Pre-order now!

Last chance to get the best price! As a good portion of the set has been "spoiled" by now, our early pre-order prices for Magic: The Gathering's Theros Beyond Death set are ending. Starting from December 31st the pre-order booster box prices are $145.


Previously on Theros, we saw Heliod the Sun God stab his own champion, the hero Elspeth, fearful of her planeswalker powers and knowledge of the multiverse. Her spirit was cast into the Underworld of Erebos, where it remained. Until now, that is. The souls of the dead are seeping out of the Underworld, and Theros Beyond Death set is almost here! Preorder your booster box for only $135 at Mind Games, and see the Theros story continue!


Howdy folks! It’s getting into that final time before the holidays where you just need to get someone the perfect gift. This year we have a special delivery for those people indecisively leaving it to the last minute, a mix of brand new releases and sought-after restocks shipped in from far afield. Some aren’t available anywhere else in Australia just yet! If that's not enough to make up your mind, check out what we've got in below! Just before we get there though, another piece of big news: We’re receiving a long awaited (but honestly unexpected) restock of this year’s Kennerspiel winner and hottest Birb collection game in town, Wingspan, just in time for Christmas. It’s a slam dunk choice

Getting the Kids Games: Made Easy!

The first board games I ever owned was Rat-a-tat Cat and Sleeping Queens, my aunt gave them to me for Christmas when I was five years old. It was a wonderful gift as they were games I could play with both my older and younger sister. They became a main stay of every summer holiday for the following few years. Rat-a-tat Cat is a simple risk vs reward bluffing game where players try to get the lowest score. Lower numbered cards have cats on them (the zero is the Cat-ue of Liberty) as the higher numbered cards have Rats on them (the nine is the rat king). The Game play is quite simple; each player has four faced down cards in front of them, they know what two of them are. Players then take turn

It's Finally December!!!

December is finally here, so it's time for nice reasonable stores like Mind Games Melbourne to start advertising all of our amazing festive products right now and definitely not a moment earlier! So if you're looking to bump your festivities up a notch why not glide on over to check out all of our new* holiday-relevant stock for your present-giving, stocking-stuffing and general festive-indulgent needs? Among the many, many brilliant products to meet your December-holiday needs we've got festive puzzles, putty, music boxes, tabletop games, stress balls, nanoblocks and more! So if you're in need of a little extra festive spirit and some relief from your holiday-capitolism fueled anxiety, our