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Fast Paced Fun For New Years Eve

New Years Eve approaches and you have only one thing on your mind, getting incredibly wasted and making a goal that you aren't going to achieve. Seems like the perfect occasion for an exciting fast paced card game.

These three games are simple enough that a drunk you can teach your drunk friends, while still being fun enough to hold their attention.

Jungle Speed is the simplest of the three. Players are attempting to get rid of all the cards in their hand. Players look at their hard and select a card, everyone reveals at once. If two players match they must grab the totem that sits in the middle of the table, the player to do so gives their card to the player that failed to. 2-8 players.

Halli Galli is in a similar space to Jungle Speed, except this time you are trying to get all the cards. Players divide the deck evenly between themselves, they give their own deck a quick shuffle and turn faced down it in front of them. Players go around the circle flipping cards until there are five of the same fruit on the table, once this happens the first player to ring the bell that sits in the middle of the table gets to keep all cards on display. Be warned though, as ringing the bell incorrectly will have you giving every other player a card. 2-6 players.

6 Takes! Is the final game and my favourite of the three. 6 Takes! Starts with everyone having ten cards, everyone chooses a card and at the same time they are revealed. The cards are sorted on to four different number lines, players with lower numbers go first placing each number where it fits numerically. If a number line becomes six cards long the person takes them and puts the cards in their scoring pile. With four players the game is quite strategic, as only four new numbers are added to the number lines at a time. Allowing for a good amount of strategy, as you are able to set up traps with any number pairs you might have. At ten players the game is much more wild. With ten cards being introduced to the number lines at once, the strategy becomes much more loose, as you just make the best of the ever changing number lines. 2-10 players.

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