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Terraforming Mars is our Game of the week !

Exert your Engineering genius and get 10% off Terraforming Mars in our stores at 145 & 244 Swanston St. with the code: Atmosphere More about the game: The Colonisation of Mars has begun ! You represent a corporation whose contract is to accelerate the terraforming of Mars, so that an ever-growing humanity can find a new earth on the Red Planet. Each round is divided in 4 phases: -The Drafting phase (Draw 4 cards and Pay 4 credits for each you decide to keep) -The Action phase (Do 0, 1 or 2 actions including playing a card, claiming a milestone, funding an award, converting ressources into terraforming...) -The Production phase, where you get your income and energy is converted into heat.

Citizens of the Empire

Dear Citizens of the Empire! It has come to our glorious Emperors' attention that a business located in the heart of the Galactic Core is hosting a special event in celebration of the ancient religion of the Jedi, and the radical faction known as the Rebel Alliance. We must remind all citizens that any such celebrations are in strict violation of imperial law and punishments for purchasing any Jedi or Rebel paraphernalia will be inflicted swiftly and summarily. Any discussions in regards to the 15% discount on offer for all these illegal products is to cease immediately. Any collaborators dressed in Rebel or Jedi garb attempting to purchase these products for further discounts will arrested

Chartertstone is our Game of the Week !

Let's talk about our game of the week: Charterstone ! Don't be fooled by the cute designs and friendly characters: Charterstone is a complete Legacy game that will embark you through a 12-sessions journey in uncharted worker-placement and resource management territory. As you play the game, discover the secrets and open your character's crates, you will have to make choices as to what happens to your group of settlers sent by the Forever King. These choices will not only impact the story and rules of your village, but the board as well, in the shape of new buildings to permanently stick on the board and new workers with unique abilities. As the game goes on, you will discover your character'

Rising Sun

Set in legendary feudal Japan, Rising Sun places players in control of great clans, gathered by the mighty Kami to reshape the lands and return them to their honourable, spiritual traditions. Players can choose from one of five clans available, Koi, Dragonfly, Bonsai, Lotus and Turtle each clan brings a unique skill. Koi clan - Can use hired Ronin as coins and vice versa Dragonfly clan - Are able to move anywhere on the map without restriction Bonsai clan - Spends fewer coins when buying resources Lotus clan - Can dictate the flow of politics by turning the political mandates they play into anything they want Turtle clan - Can build strongholds on top of giant turtles, these turtles can

Santorini is our Game of the Week !

“Build like a mortal. Win like a God.” (Cool moto right ?) Get 10% off with the password GODDESS ! More about the game: Just like its picturesque namesake, Santorini is a game of beautiful white buildings and sky-blue domes. Appropriate for both children and adults alike, Santorini’s rules are as simple as they come, and yet this strategy can provide the gameplay depth to intrigue even the most experienced board game players and abstract games lovers. The rules are as follows – each turn consists of two simple steps: moving one of your builders into neighbouring spaces and up or down building levels, and then constructing a level of a building adjacent to the builder you have just moved. The