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Chartertstone is our Game of the Week !

Let's talk about our game of the week: Charterstone !

Don't be fooled by the cute designs and friendly characters: Charterstone is a complete Legacy game that will embark you through a 12-sessions journey in uncharted worker-placement and resource management territory.

As you play the game, discover the secrets and open your character's crates, you will have to make choices as to what happens to your group of settlers sent by the Forever King. These choices will not only impact the story and rules of your village, but the board as well, in the shape of new buildings to permanently stick on the board and new workers with unique abilities. As the game goes on, you will discover your character's powers, buildings and adapt your strategy and playstyle not only to their perks but also to the resources and cards you decide to carry from one game to the next. At the end of the 12 games campaign, you will end up with a replayable unique board of your own making!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg: Charterstone has more secrets waiting for you in its crates...

Get 10% off at our stores on 244 and 145 Swanston street with our online password: Legacy !

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