Mind Games - Established in 1977 and based in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, Mind Games is one of the biggest games shops in Australia. We have a wide range of board games, puzzles, role-playing and miniature games and supplies.

Restock alert!

The much-coveted D&D miniatures are back! Beholders and gargantuan Dragons are here and happily nested on the shelves at Mind Games! Come by our 244 Swanston street store and have a browse for some new minis for your RPG campaign!

✨ Brawl Decks are back! ✨

They were gone for so long, but now they're back! If you missed out on the initial print of the Throne of Eldraine Brawl decks, come by our CBD stores - 145 & 244 Swanston street! This is a great product for any and all who enjoy Brawl and Commander formats, or simply liked the Throne of Eldraine set. Get you hands on one of these decks today, or even a full set of 4!

UNLOCK your New-Found Freedom!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw yeah! School is back and its time for the sweet, sweet freedom of the school term! Gone are the days of exhausting activities, explaining accidental curse-words and the obligation to show a "genuine interest" in your step/grand/friend's/biological-child's inane obsessions* for nine glorious weeks! Looking for fun activities to entertain, delight and invigorate you and your friends in your newly found, but admittedly still quite limited, free time? Here at Mind Games Melbourne we have so many games that can do just that; including this week's Game of the Week: UNLOCK! Heroic Adventures! Overview: Trapping you and up to five friends in any of a variety of strange and exotic

Green Stuff World - now at Mind Games!

All the miniature painters and sculpting aficionados - rejoice! Green Stuff World range is now available at Mind Games! That's right, we've acquired a variety of hard-to-find sculpting tools and hobby supplies, resin moulds and scenery. Come by any of our CBD stores - 145 & 244 Swanston street - and check out the new stuff! From all kinds of textured rolling pins, to miniature skulls and candles to accessorise your bases, to UV-sensitive resin! Everything to make your model unique.

Anomia: War of the Words

Happy new decade to all you Mind Gamers out there! Would you believe that a totally independent, completely unbiased study of an undisclosed amount of people found that most people's New Year's resolution for 2020 was to play more board games and card games? We sure do! With this in mind, why not start working towards this totally legitimate New Year's resolution with a game that represents the energy of the holiday seasons: chaotic, stressful, occasionally extremely argumentative, but overall a lot of fun! Mind Games' Game of the Week is back and we're starting off with Anomia! Overview: Anomia is a game made up of two decks of cards; one for new players and one for the well experienced. E

Pre-release Party

The latest Magic The Gathering set - Theros Beyond Death - is right behind the corner! You are invited to celebrate the Magic story's return to one of the most beloved planes, Theros, with us at Mind Games! Come by our 244 Swanston street store on Saturday, January 18th for the pre-release event! As usual, the even is comprised of two segments. 12:00pm - Pre-release Tournament Flex your deck-building skills and create a winning deck on the spot! The format is sealed - you'll get your pre-release kit, make a fresh deck with crisp new cards, and get ready for battle! As always, there will be promos and boosters, and a special prize for the winner! Investment : $35 (includes pre-release kit co