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UNLOCK your New-Found Freedom!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw yeah! School is back and its time for the sweet, sweet freedom of the school term! Gone are the days of exhausting activities, explaining accidental curse-words and the obligation to show a "genuine interest" in your step/grand/friend's/biological-child's inane obsessions* for nine glorious weeks! Looking for fun activities to entertain, delight and invigorate you and your friends in your newly found, but admittedly still quite limited, free time? Here at Mind Games Melbourne we have so many games that can do just that; including this week's Game of the Week: UNLOCK! Heroic Adventures!


Trapping you and up to five friends in any of a variety of strange and exotic scenarios UNLOCK! games simulate an escape room experience with only a deck of cards, an app, and occasionally some small extra props; discarding the need for inconveniences like bookings, extra expenses, and having to leave your home!

UNLOCK! games use an easy system of coloured and numbered cards to lead you through a series of puzzles and games that will result in your team winning before your time runs out, or pushing your way through at your own pace. The numbers on a red cards when added to a blue card may reveal a new card for you to draw, green cards when entered into the app will give a puzzle that you may or may not already have the necessary clues for, and yellow cards are doors that will open to the correct code; leading you to a new area or victory! Sounds complex? Every UNLOCK! game comes with an easy fifteen-minute tutorial to help you learn the basics!

In UNLOCK! Heroic Adventures! you have three scenarios to challenge your wits. Escape a video game before it's GAME OVER, help Sherlock Holmes investigate a peculiar case and explore Wonderland before Alice's time runs out! Each UNLOCK! game comes with its own unique style, story and puzzles to discover!

If you think UNLOCK! Heroic Adventures! sounds like the game for you then please come and grab yourself a copy from Mind Games Melbourne at 244 or 145 Swanston Street! As our Game of the Week anyone who asks for a copy of UNLOCK! Heroic Adventures! with the secret code "Another penalty??" will get 10% off on an available copy of UNLOCK! Heroic Adventures! Offer lasts from 27/01/2020 to 02/02/2020.

UNLOCK your inner-child/best-self/ultimate-potential/front-door

- Ben

*NB: it is not the official stance of Mind Games Melbourne that any child's interests, hobbies or passions are inane: especially if these involve puzzles, board games or novelty items. Mind Game Melbourne acknowledges the institution of children as an important cornerstone of society and have a great range of interest, hobby and passion products that you should come in and check out as proof of this.

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