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Dice Fiend's Paradise

This week sees lots of awesome new stock for us, far too much to fit into just one little update, so I’m going to break it down! First out of the boxes is a mountainous shipment of dice and dice accessories from Metallic Dice Games! As you might guess from their name, they specialise in metallic role-playing dice of various designs. We’ve had a few in the past, but now we have their whole range! However, metal dice are definitely not the only thing they do: As a final, special item we’ve managed to get a very limited amount of gorgeous gemstone dice- these are top quality and cut from a variety of semiprecious stones. They’re absolutely stunning up close and would make an amazing gift to a l

Awkward Guests focus!

We’ve got a brand new award winning title in stock perfect for these long days at home. Awkward Guests is a Cluedo-like deduction game: Players are hunting for which guest killed the host in the same fashion. Players must ask the table for clues about particular sorts of evidence they’re hunting, but unlike Cluedo your request comes at a cost- each card has a point value and in order to get access to the evidence you seek you’ll have to trade an equal value in cards to your opponents- but neither of you get to see what’s actually on the cards before you make the trade. You’re also free to have a shot at calling the case early- awkward guests uses an app to keep the actual answer secure so yo

Mind Games Digest 13/04 - Awkward Guests & Trapwords

Hello! We're back with our second weekly digests! We're a little bit delayed due to the Easter long weekend but have plenty of new goodies for you to check out! First up, we've got releases for each of Fantasy Flight's Living Card Games! Click the images below for more details :) If you're looking to pass the time with family, don't look past Awkward Guests, a brand new sleuthing game in the vein of Cluedo. Taking the same concept of gathering clues about a number of nefarious-seeming guests at a manor house to see if you can solve the murder of their host, Awkward Guests takes that gameplay to the next level by adding an element of trading to the game- cunningly trade evidence in such a way

Mind Games/Gumnut Digest Issue 1

While everyone is trying to be good and stay home, we thought it’d be a good idea to keep you up to date on what’s new and what’s back in stock a bit more actively - if you enjoy these updates let us know in the comments and we might keep them going even after the current crisis has passed! New products this week: - To keep up with demand we’re increasing our puzzle ranges - we’ve brought in new puzzles by Jumbo including a variety of famous landmarks and an increased number of the popular Jan Van Haasteren range featuring art reminiscent of a Where’s Wally scene - packed with minute detail making them a delight to explore as you put them together - The hit co-op game Magic Maze has a new en