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Awkward Guests focus!

We’ve got a brand new award winning title in stock perfect for these long days at home. Awkward Guests is a Cluedo-like deduction game: Players are hunting for which guest killed the host in the same fashion. Players must ask the table for clues about particular sorts of evidence they’re hunting, but unlike Cluedo your request comes at a cost- each card has a point value and in order to get access to the evidence you seek you’ll have to trade an equal value in cards to your opponents- but neither of you get to see what’s actually on the cards before you make the trade.

You’re also free to have a shot at calling the case early- awkward guests uses an app to keep the actual answer secure so you can learn if you’re wrong - but not what the solution is. That means you have to sit out a round, but you can get back in the game if you miss your first guess! (if you don’t have access to the app you can still play elimination style)

With literally thousands of possible cases all knit together by a unique system for generating coherent mysteries, awkward guests is not only infinitely replayable, but this system allows you to tailor the difficulty of the game from simple cases to fiendishly tricky ones that not only force you to uncover the murderer, but an accomplice as well!

Awkward guests has been awarded the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence- Dice Tower is generally regarded as the foremost reviewer on family games and the Seal of Excellence is equivalent to a score of at least 80/100. Tom Vassel, the reviewer, also called it the best game of this type he’s ever played! High praise indeed.

You can drop by one of our stores to pick up a copy or head online to

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