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Mind Games/Gumnut Digest Issue 1

While everyone is trying to be good and stay home, we thought it’d be a good idea to keep you up to date on what’s new and what’s back in stock a bit more actively - if you enjoy these updates let us know in the comments and we might keep them going even after the current crisis has passed!

New products this week:

- To keep up with demand we’re increasing our puzzle ranges - we’ve brought in new puzzles by Jumbo including a variety of famous landmarks and an increased number of the popular Jan Van Haasteren range featuring art reminiscent of a Where’s Wally scene - packed with minute detail making them a delight to explore as you put them together

- The hit co-op game Magic Maze has a new entry in the series with Magic Maze on Mars. Magic Maze has been a staff favourite since it was launched for providing a unique fast, teamwork-focused experience. Magic Maze on Mars switches up the theme from a madcap heist to a team of robots frantically preparing a colony for habitation

-A deluxe reimagining of Vital Lacerda’s classic Vinhos has just been released, similar to the deluxe editions of his games Gallerist and Lisboa. Currently rated a hefty 8.2 on Boardgame Geek and packed with gorgeous design, Vinhos Deluxe Edition is perfect for the seasoned Eurogamer looking for something weighty to keep them busy for a while

- For roleplayers and hobbyists we have wave 11 of the Wizkids pre-primed miniatures which brings a number of nasty new foes like Basilisks, Blue & Green Slaad, a mighty Winter Wolf, and several new dragons including the long awaited Red Dragon pictured. There are also new versions of a number of classic player archetypes including human wizards and monks and some new Dragonborn!

- For Magic the Gathering fans we have the brand new Challenger Decks. They’re packed to the brim with sought-after staples for standard play and even some all-star cards for Pioneer or Commander. Been chasing an Embercleave or Brazen Borrower? Check these out! We also now have Mystery Booster boxes available online if you fancy a household draft!

- For our younger fans, we’ve got a new take on a classic – Risk Junior is the first version of the game aimed at a younger audience. Now you can plot world domination earlier than ever before!

- Lastly, we have a perfect product for households cooped up together – Mystery House is a new take on the escape room genre, with a base box that holds two scenarios and that can be expanded with more down the road, Mystery House adds a strong narrative element to the classic puzzle-solving gameplay of escape room games

In addition to all this we’ve gotten some big restocks in:

- We’ve focused on puzzles and have already started receiving stock, notably the Jumbo puzzles mentioned above and a delivery of 3D Wrebbit Puzzles and Holdson classics. We’re also expecting big waves of our best selling Ravensburger range later in the week of both new products and restocks.

- We’ve also received a modest restock of classics like Cluedo and Risk

- Lastly, we have a good stock of the Mini House series, a new take on the miniatures hobby. Ravening aliens and mighty fantasy battles not your shtick? Try your hand at one of these intricate building kits to create tiny idyllic domestic scenes. I love these, they blend the meditative aspect of jigsaw puzzling with the crafty aspects of the miniatures hobby!

We hope this helps you find something diverting in these trying times and as ever thanks for supporting your local game store!

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