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Mind Games Digest 13/04 - Awkward Guests & Trapwords

Hello! We're back with our second weekly digests! We're a little bit delayed due to the Easter long weekend but have plenty of new goodies for you to check out!

First up, we've got releases for each of Fantasy Flight's Living Card Games! Click the images below for more details :)

If you're looking to pass the time with family, don't look past Awkward Guests, a brand new sleuthing game in the vein of Cluedo. Taking the same concept of gathering clues about a number of nefarious-seeming guests at a manor house to see if you can solve the murder of their host, Awkward Guests takes that gameplay to the next level by adding an element of trading to the game- cunningly trade evidence in such a way that you lead your opponents astray, but of course they'll be trying to do the same! Awkward Guests has received the coveted Dice Tower Seal of Excellence, marking it as a fantastic game for families and friends alike.

Next we have a great new light party or family game called Trapwords from the folks who brought us Codenames. Trapwords is a Taboo game with a twist - you have to get your team to guess a secret word by describing it, but beware! The opposing team is secretly writing down taboo words that you can't use in real time and they don't have to show them to you until you stumble into them. The more obvious your clues are the more likely you're going to activate your opponents' Trapwords! This looks to be a slam dunk for those of you who love word games like Bananagrams (which incidentally we just restocked) or Chameleon.

The Month of Infinite Puzzles continues with some restocks (see below) but also a few choice new puzzles, my favourite of which is a super nostalgic Pokemon Kanto region map!

For RPG fans we've got a couple of more esoteric new releases. First up, a wave of new supplements for the Infinity universe Roleplaying Game - Get down to business in the post-cyberpunk setting of Corvus Belli's smash hit miniatures game as an agent of one of the mega-powers of the human sphere.

We've also got the third book in the Young Adventurer's Guide series - Wizards and Spells

And lastly, for something a bit out of left field, we've got the Kobold Press guide to Game Design! As an ex student of design myself it's fascinating to get into the gears and wheels that drive our favourite games so books on game design are a great read whether you want to get into actually cranking out your own games or not! (If you like this kind of thing check out The White Box too!)


We're keeping the pedal to the metal in terms of Jigsaw puzzles with big restocks of Educa brand jigsaws, a smattering of Ravensburger and a big shipment of our bestselling Melbourne Map Jigsaw.

For those of you into classic games looking for something cheap and cheerful to play while you're homebound, we've restocked our preferred Ubon classic games - Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Go, Shogi and others in durable, folding, magnetic cases perfect for either travelling or tucking out of the way at home for a rainy day.

We also got a big restock of the Spiel de Jahres nominated Quacks of Quedlingburg and its expansion The Herb Witches, so plenty for everyone as always!


Stefan & the Mind Games Team

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