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Pre-release Party

The latest Magic The Gathering set - Theros Beyond Death - is right behind the corner!

You are invited to celebrate the Magic story's return to one of the most beloved planes, Theros, with us at Mind Games!

Come by our 244 Swanston street store on Saturday, January 18th for the pre-release event! As usual, the even is comprised of two segments.

12:00pm - Pre-release Tournament Flex your deck-building skills and create a winning deck on the spot! The format is sealed - you'll get your pre-release kit, make a fresh deck with crisp new cards, and get ready for battle! As always, there will be promos and boosters, and a special prize for the winner! Investment : $35 (includes pre-release kit containing 6 boosters, foiled promo and a spindown die)

5pm - Pre-release Party Come by in the afternoon for a friendly game or two, bring a casual deck to swing a few spells across the table, or build one from scratch using booster packs from the new set - anything goes as long as you're having fun! Old cards from the previous Theros block are very much welcome! As always, in the grand Mind games tradition of pre-release parties, there will be a lucky dip at the end of the event for all participants :) Investment : FREE

Shoot us a message, give us a buzz or approach our staff in-store to secure a place at either or both of these events. Seats, as well as those precious pre-release kits, are limited!

See you there!

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