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Santorini is our Game of the Week !

“Build like a mortal. Win like a God.”

(Cool moto right ?)

Get 10% off with the password GODDESS !

More about the game:

Just like its picturesque namesake, Santorini is a game of beautiful white buildings and sky-blue domes. Appropriate for both children and adults alike, Santorini’s rules are as simple as they come, and yet this strategy can provide the gameplay depth to intrigue even the most experienced board game players and abstract games lovers.

The rules are as follows – each turn consists of two simple steps: moving one of your builders into neighbouring spaces and up or down building levels, and then constructing a level of a building adjacent to the builder you have just moved. The game requires strategy in assessing your moves across the board, the where’s and how’s of your construction plan. Once any of your builders reaches the third level of a building, you win! All the while, mythical Deities and Heroes cards –each with their specific power- are affecting the course of the game.

Santorini is now available at our city stores – 145 & 244 Swanston Street

For a 10% off of your copy of Santorini, don’t forget the Password: GODDESS !

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