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Rising Sun

Set in legendary feudal Japan, Rising Sun places players in control of great clans, gathered by the mighty Kami to reshape the lands and return them to their honourable, spiritual traditions.

Players can choose from one of five clans available, Koi, Dragonfly, Bonsai, Lotus and Turtle each clan brings a unique skill.

Koi clan - Can use hired Ronin as coins and vice versa Dragonfly clan - Are able to move anywhere on the map without restriction Bonsai clan - Spends fewer coins when buying resources Lotus clan - Can dictate the flow of politics by turning the political mandates they play into anything they want Turtle clan - Can build strongholds on top of giant turtles, these turtles can move around the map and even join in fights

Rising Sun is played over four rounds (Seasons), it begins with Spring followed by Summer, then Autumn, when Winter comes the game draws to a close.

There are five phases to each season:

1) Seasonal setup - War province tokens are played, season cards are set, seasonal income is claimed and hostages are returned 2) Tea Ceremony - Players negotiate their alliances for the season 3) Political Phase - Players take turns selecting political mandates 4) War Phase - Battles are taken over contested provinces, winning players gain extra victory points, however cunning players may reap many benefits from battles they lose 5) Seasonal Cleanup - Players discard coins and Ronin coins, return Shinto and return poltical mandates.

Rising Sun:

Three to Five players Ages 14+ Play time 90minutes to 120minutes

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