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Citizens of the Empire

Dear Citizens of the Empire!

It has come to our glorious Emperors' attention that a business located in the heart of the Galactic Core is hosting a special event in celebration of the ancient religion of the Jedi, and the radical faction known as the Rebel Alliance.

We must remind all citizens that any such celebrations are in strict violation of imperial law and punishments for purchasing any Jedi or Rebel paraphernalia will be inflicted swiftly and summarily. Any discussions in regards to the 15% discount on offer for all these illegal products is to cease immediately. Any collaborators dressed in Rebel or Jedi garb attempting to purchase these products for further discounts will arrested immediately.

Rumours of the X-Wing miniature simulation game core set being peddled for a mere 30 credits are almost certainly false, and whispers of the seditious Destiny dice and card game being carried off by the box for under 100 credits is the worst kind of fake news.

A Legion of the Empires finest Stormtroopers are en route to this location to ensure Imperial law is maintained for the good of the galaxy.

Please stay tuned for further information and, as always, long live the Emperor!

(Images courtesy of 'fosterthefoals' on Imgur) Micheal S

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