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Howdy folks! It’s getting into that final time before the holidays where you just need to get someone the perfect gift. This year we have a special delivery for those people indecisively leaving it to the last minute, a mix of brand new releases and sought-after restocks shipped in from far afield. Some aren’t available anywhere else in Australia just yet! If that's not enough to make up your mind, check out what we've got in below!

Just before we get there though, another piece of big news: We’re receiving a long awaited (but honestly unexpected) restock of this year’s Kennerspiel winner and hottest Birb collection game in town, Wingspan, just in time for Christmas. It’s a slam dunk choice for anyone looking to step into the best of what modern board game design has to offer in every regard! We aren’t getting an unlimited amount so if you want to make sure you get a copy, give us a call!

Always remember: if you’re stumped, you can always drop in and ask one of our staff to help you find the perfect gift! Here's all

Pacific Rim Extinction: Get your Kaiju kicking on with a long awaited board game adaptation of the cult movie. No half measures here, you play with gorgeous fully painted 75mm Kaiju and Jaegers in fast duels or more sophisticated scenarios. Great for a collector as well as a gamer, we also have a series of expansions with more figures!

One Night Ultimate Bonus Roles: The One Night Series breathed new life into werewolf-style games, removing player elimination, giving everyone unique abilities and trimming the minimum players down to a cozy three! For the first time there’s a dedicated expansion compatible with all the games in this series (Werewolf, Vampire, Aliens, Super-villains) bringing loads more characters and abilities to keep your skulduggery fresh!

Paladins of the West Kingdom: A companion game to the well received Architects of the West Kingdom and rating a crunchy 8.1 on Board Game geek, Paladins also received Tom Vassel’s coveted ‘Best Eurogame’ for 2019. Enlist heroic paladins in the defence of the realm as you secure prosperity while accounting for many threats.

Pendleton Backgammon & Chess: These gorgeous travel Chess and Backgammon sets are a fantastic gift for veteran gamers. Roll-up woven boards with high grade vegan leather fixings and wooden-disc style pieces make for an elegant coffee-table piece or a constant companion for an itinerant player.

Reavers of Midgard: If Paladins are a bit too hoity toity for you, get your Jarl on with Reavers of Midgard by Grey Fox. Set in the same setting as their bestselling Champions of Midgard, Reavers is a solid, well presented worker placement game about hopping in your longship and going for a good ol’ pillage.

Taverns of Tiefenthal: Quacks of Quedlingberg came out of nowhere to win the Connoisseur’s Game of the Year (Kennerspiel des Jahres) in 2018 (we just got a restock of that one too, by the by!), and is now joined by the next game by Wolfgang Warsch, Taverns of Tiefenthal. It’s a fairly interaction light game with deckbuilding elements, so a great pickup if you want something to puzzle away the holidays with in good company

Gates of Delirium: A brand new title from Renegade Games with an interesting take on the sanity systems so prevalent in Lovecraftian/Cthulhu influenced titles. Players have cards with a sane and insane side, and each round they may be using one or the other depending on what mode the game is set to- discover and attempt to deal with horrors from beyond the void that your Mr Hyde side might have just unleashed upon the world in the previous round!

Aquicorn Cove: The second game based on the gorgeous webcomics of Katie O’Neil, the first being the very popular Tea Dragon Society, Aquicorn Cove is a sweet-hearted family game about nurturing the environment and caring for its treasures.

Clank Legacy - Acquisitions Incorporated: Clank! has been one of the stand-out deckbuilding games of the past few years and it’s getting a bit of a spicy legacy treatment, working with the folks at Penny Arcade to bring you a Clank! campaign based on the exploits of the infamous Acquisitions Incorporated D&D adventurers. Found your own adventuring franchise and build your legend in a tongue-in-cheek take on the brilliant original.

Sonic the Hedgehog Battle Racers: Fresh off Kickstarter fulfillment, Sonic is a lightweight nostalgic title with sweet vinyl-style miniatures. Cruise around a track, collect rings, spar with your competition and, most of all, Go Fast. A great gift for someone with a bit of Sega nostalgia or someone after a pretty simple game with a focus on great components.

Munchkin Mighty Monsters: Not, as you’d imagine, yet another munchkin expansion, Mighty Monsters is a whole new stand-alone game set in the munchkin style. Simple gameplay in the vein of Uno or Red7 with the delightfully dorky aesthetic of Munchkin, what’s not to love?

Dungeons & Dragons bestiary notebooks: Not really a game, this set of themed notebooks is perfect for tracking characters and campaigns, scribbling ideas or whatever task you might put them to. Beautifully illustrated covers and a slipcase to hold the set make it a perfect, unique gift for the D&D fan who’s pretty much got everything!

That's not everything of course, we've got restocks of recent favourites like 'Welcome To' and bestsellers like 'Blades in the Dark'. You'll just have to drop by to find out the rest!

We hope you find something to your taste, and Happy holidays from all the crew at Mind Games!


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