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It's Finally December!!!

December is finally here, so it's time for nice reasonable stores like Mind Games Melbourne to start advertising all of our amazing festive products right now and definitely not a moment earlier! So if you're looking to bump your festivities up a notch why not glide on over to check out all of our new* holiday-relevant stock for your present-giving, stocking-stuffing and general festive-indulgent needs?

Among the many, many brilliant products to meet your December-holiday needs we've got festive puzzles, putty, music boxes, tabletop games, stress balls, nanoblocks and more! So if you're in need of a little extra festive spirit and some relief from your holiday-capitolism fueled anxiety, our friendly staff are ready at our 145 and 244 Swanston Street stores to help make sure your holidays are filled with a sufficient amount of festive knickknacks or whatever else we can provide!

*Mind Games Melbourne acknowledges the possibility that holiday-relevant stock may or may not have been available as early as, or earlier than, November (year undisclosed). We like to be prepared.

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