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Monikers are back!

The popular party game Monikers have long evaded us, but now it is back and happily residing on our shelves here at Mind Games.

Based off the game Celebrities, Monikers mashes charades and word association into an absurd and hilarious combination. Not limited to well-known people only, Monikers gives you a vast variety of nouns and concepts to play around with, from Grumpy Cat to Skynet to Ebola! Moreover, players aren't just giving away clues in the classic yes-or-no fashion, they are performing all kinds of shenanigans to help their fellow teammates guess correctly. So how does this game play?

The players are divided into teams, each with a pre-selected deck of cards containing all sorts of characters and concepts. There are 3 turns in Monikers. In the first one, team leaders describe the "Character" any way they want, without using the actual name on the card. Try to help your team guess as many cards as they can within your allocated time, and if you're stuck - quickly move on to the next card! In the second turn, all you can do is use one word to describe whatever is on the card. Make it count! In the third turn, it's charades time! Without speaking, use gestures to describe the card. Each card is worth points, some more and some less, so keep that in mind! In the end, the team with most successful guesses - wins!

This phenomenally fun party game is now available at Mind Games 145 & 244 Swanston street!

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