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New Games for XMAS!

Its festive news time Mind Gamers! We’ve got a load of new games just in time for the holidays, so drop on by and be the Santa Santa would want you to be.

Look at all this LOOT!

Thunderstone Quest

First kickstarted in 2017 Thunderstone Quest has finally hit retail shelves. A big, chunky deck-building dungeon crawler with many different game modes available, You’ll have years of dungeon explorin’, monster fightin’ and item equippin’ to slog through if you pick this one up!

The Mansky Caper

A hot new release from Calliope games with a stellar rating BGG. Al Mansky, the biggest mobster around is out of town so you and the your family take the opportunity to lighten his pockets. Push your luck as you each split up and rob his house together, but of course there can only be one winner - so try to get as much loot for yourself behind peoples’ backs. The Mansky Caper combines a well wrought heist theme with great social gameplay and some spicy components to keep it fresh!

5 Minute Marvel

Who remembers 5 Minute Dungeon? The fast paced, frantic dungeon crawling games that grabbed a Spiel des Jahres nomination this year. Well it just got a Marvel facelift! Now you can gather your favourite heroes and take on some iconic villains in a hectic five minute brawl. If you manage to survive till the end you get to fight the final boss; THANOS.

Kanban: Driver’s edition

Get your machine rolling with this production line focused heavy euro of car manufacturing. Out-compete your fellow factory managers in cutthroat competition where not just resources but timing and sequencing are crucial to victory. Featuring both friendly and ferocious modes of competition

Star Realms Frontiers

The latest in the ‘realms’ series, the newest addition to the Star Realms range brings the tweaks and lessons learned from Hero Realms to the original series- with solitaire play and up to 4 player games out of the base box, Frontiers is a flexible and well tuned deckbuilding game that can fit in your pocket. Not only that, but we have the 6 new command decks, starting decks that reward you for focusing on a particular faction pairing, and the huge ultimate storage box to hold a complete Star Realms collection!


Remember ‘Dead of Winter’? Dark stories from the frostbitten zombie apocalypse? Welp, now it’s on plane. A space-plane even. Gen7 is the story of the 7th Generation of colonists en-route from earth to our next homeworld and there’s something in the water this time around. Something’s not quite right: Could be space radiaton, could be an unwholsome dubstep fixation, either way you’re in for a pretty hectic time. Using the same fantastic crossroads narrative system, Gen7 puts you in a claustrophobic hothouse where there’s nowhere for the blood to drain…


A game in the vein of Antoine Bauza’s genial classics Tokaido and Takenoko, Koi once again takes inspiraiton from the beauty of Japanese cultures and ecologies. You are Koi, ornamental goldfish, chilling and eating your fishfood all day long. May the fattest, sleekest fish win! Koi also features a solo play mode if you feel like taking a meditative swim on your own!

So sled on down here and snatch up one of these beauts for you or that special Xmas someone before they disappear!

XOXO Mind Games

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