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Zendikar Rising - preorders open!

Zendikar is on the rise once more and we're about to go embark on a new adventure within this exciting plane.

One of the most popular planes in Magic: the Gathering, Zendikar is one of ever-changing landscapes rich in mana and home to a variety of races and unique creatures. Last time we have visited the plane, we were battling the awe-inspiring Eldrazi, mysterious creatures beyond our comprehension. Now, we return to Zendikar without the Eldrazi. Are you ready to explore this world, face its dangers and claim its riches?

We are opening our pre-orders for Zendikar Rising!

We are opening our pre-orders for Zendikar Rising!Before we hit the major spoilers, we offer *$144 per draft booster box and $334 for collector's booster boxes, as well as $195 for the set booster boxes, with one buy-a-box promo card per customer (while stocks last!)

Make your pre-order via our affiliate online store -

You can also make your preorders with us over the phone by calling our 145 Swanston street store at 03 9663 2828.

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