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Dixit - a game of art, communication and interpretation

When most people think of board games there are some typical things that come to mind: dice, complex rules, mathematical strategies and extremely attractive salespeople, to give a few examples. If these attributes don't sound all that appealing to you then don't worry, we have plenty of great games that don't require any of those things! (although that last one is always a recommended option).

One such game is Dixit - a game of art, communication and interpretation. It's a beautiful game for three to six players, whether they be families with kids, families without kids, families that aren't family or even groups that aren't families at all!

The rules of Dixit are so simple that I can explain them to you in seven sentences, but the options you have while playing are basically infinite!

Everyone in Dixit gets a hand of random picture cards, and on your turn you pick one and place it face down on the table, then give other players a clue. This clue can be anything (ANYTHING) - a sentence, a quote, a word, a dance, a song, a pantomime, etc. The other players then pick a card from their hands and add them to yours face-down. The cards are shuffled, flipped face-up and everyone votes on which one they think was your card. Players whose card was voted for incorrectly gets a point and moves that many spaces towards the end of the board. For you to get points you need only some people to vote for your card, if either everyone or no-one votes for your card they all get points but you do not, so choose your clue carefully! First player to reach the end of the board wins!

Thinking Dixit might sound like the game for you? It’s available now from our affiliate online store -

Dixit: Remember that one in-joke you have that no-one else gets? This is why you've been remembering it for the last 20 years!

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