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A big stack of Kingdominus

CALLING ALL Kings, Queens, Lords, Ladies, Baronesses, Barons, Counts, Viscounts, Duchesses, Dukes, Vassals, Regents, Stewards, Khans, Marquis’, Popes, Sheikhs, Caliphs, Dauphins, Sultanas, Landgraves, Despots, Patricians, Baronets, Princelings, Knights, Esquires, Court Fools and Peasantry...

Kingdomino is back in stock at Mind Games Melbourne!

The winner of the Spiel Des Jahres award (Game of the Year) in 2017, this accessible and addictive tile-laying game is taking the world by storm! And for only about half the price of a ticket to the rugby – a very affordable storm.

Explore and expand the best plots of land as you compete to rule the most prosperous kingdom! Steal coveted tiles from your friends and enemies and watch their plans crumble to ruins! Collect crowns to multiply your points and taste victory!

But fear not my Liege! If the crown is snatched from your grasp by a dastardly intercessor – a game of Kingdomino only lasts a modest 15 minutes. Take back what’s yours with a rematch!

Grab a copy of Kingdomino today and see what all the fuss is about.

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