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No Thanks, really I'm alright, you take it.

A number of turns pass and the chips begin to pile up. One of us is taking this card; Andrew has chip equity for days, and Eric has the resources to support his stubborn streak. So it looks like this is between you and me, and I couldn’t be happier.

I clasp my hands tightly around my chips, and I shake them. I shake ‘em good. I wait watching to see if you crumble. You don’t, you play a chip but I can’t imagine you have many more left with the sour look you wear. It gets to my turn and I smile as I pay my chip, and add a cheeky “no thanks” - confidence is key. It gets to your turn, now with even more gusto I shake my four remaining chips. They rattle selling an idea of wealth beyond your imagination.

Your eyes widen, surely I can’t have that many chips left!

I’m in your head.

No Thanks is a push-your-luck game, where your luck is really your ability to extort chips out of your friends. And your friends are really just mindless goons that you flex your chip extortion ability on. This week it's our game of the week, I hope you enjoy it.


This game is about cards, forget about the chips for a second, you just aren’t ready for them. In No Thanks you are trying to score the lowest points in order to win. There is a pile of cards in the centre between all the players, and the top card is revealed. Its got a number on it between 3 and 35, shockingly that number is also the amount of points you get if you take it. The only break to that rule is that a run of cards is only worth its lowest value, so imagine I have 26, 27 and 28, that is only worth 26 points.

Let’s talk about chips now, because even though this game is about cards, lets get real - it’s actually about chips. What is a chip? A chip is worth negative one point, which is pretty good when you want as few points as possible. That being said, a chip is worth so much more, as the cost of saying ‘No Thanks’ to a card is one chip. It’s placed on top of the card to be claimed by whoever is the person to crumble and pick up the card.

Imagine you have the cards 30 and 31 in front of you, you have a lot of chips, often the pay-out for taking higher cards, but you aren’t so happy with so many points to your name. A stroke of luck, the 32 is the next card revealed, for you the 32 isn’t worth any points as it is a part of your run. So the real game begins, your opponents will pay a lot for that card and it’s in your best interest to take as much as you can.

As you are picking this bad boy up tell the cashier "I'm in your head" for a 10% discount.

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