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Deception: the Game-changer Game?

Tonight's the night! Your boss is coming around for dinner and board games and you're finally going to convince them that you deserve that big promotion. Everything is prepared to perfection; your place is tidy, a roast is in the oven and the perfect playlist of the 80's hits is wafting around like the opposite of a bad smell. The doorbell rings, you open the door to find your boss standing at the door... WITH 8 PLUS ONES!!

Your boss raises a casual eyebrow as if to ask "How will you handle this? Can I rely on you?" You look around the small crowd coming through your doorway, it's not going to be easy; Jim from accounting hates taking turns, Alice from sales only ever wants to talk about serial killer documentaries and Karen from finance is terrified of dice... You just smile, order pizzas and pull out Deception: Murder in Hong Kong!

Catering for anywhere from 4 to 12 players, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is a game where more is indeed better!


There's been a murder on the streets of Hong Kong and one of the detectives investigating the crime is the perpetrator!

Every player has four pieces of evidence and four potential murder weapons placed in front of them for everyone to see, and one secret role card labelling them as the murderer, the forensic scientist or one of the detectives.

The game begins with eyes closed. The forensic scientist and murderer open their eyes and the murderer chooses the evidence and murder weapon in front of them that proves their guilt, pointing to them. All eyes are then closed and opened, and the game officially begins!

The forensic scientist's job is to get any of the detectives to accuse the murderer with the correct evidence and murder weapon, but just like in real life they're not allowed to speak! By drawing a set amount of scene tiles they will instead choose from options around cause of death, victim occupation, scene of the crime etc., to try and hint the correct combination. The detectives will spend the game discussing these clues and arguing their own innocence or others' guilt to their heart's content, but each get only one accusation!

The job of the murderer is to throw around as many baseless arguments, observations and general chaos as possible; the only way they can win is if all of the detectives accusations are wasted.

Then finally after the "official game" ends comes the final stage, in which a hilariously frustrated forensic scientist berates the detectives and themselves for all the stupid/brilliant interpretations of their stupid/brilliant clues!

Murderous fun for you and all of your friends and enemies! Do you know who you can trust?

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