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Decrypto: better than Codenames?

They are on to us. They know what our words are, I know it. They haven’t guessed our code yet but they are getting a little too close for comfort. We have exchanged codes back and forth six times now and you are running out of ways to tell me the words without giving them away. To make matters worse, it’s your turn.

For our word ‘Cactus’ you give the clue ‘Flower’, you may have been too obvious. I mean, how hard is it to work out that our previous clues of ‘Desert’ and ‘Spiky’ go with it, simply add in ‘Flower’ and that is clearly ‘Cactus’! Yet our opponents are confused. They think ‘Flower’ goes with our clues for one of out other words; ‘Banana’, and you can definitely can make an argument for it to go with our previous clues of ‘Yellow’ and ‘Tree’.

Our code remains a mystery. Well done, partner.

Decrypto is our new Game of the Week! It's kind of like Codenames, as it is a team based, clue giving word game for four to eight players, but with much more tension. In Decrypto, you and your team mates are exchanging clues for the same four words over and over, desperately trying to come up with new hints that don’t make much sense with those you used in the previous rounds. While also trying to decipher your opposition’s words. The push and pull of trying to keep your code a secret while still making it easy enough for your team to guess it, is what gives the game real intensity.

Overview: Each team has four words, each round a player on each team will have to make clues to tell their team the order to arrange three of their four words in. If your team messes up the order twice you lose! “That’s so dumb, ill just make the clues really easy so my team doesn’t get it wrong” I hear you say, cool, you can do that but... you still will lose. Every round your opponents takes a guess at your teams code and if they get it twice they will win. All of this is mirrored, as you will also have to try and guess your oppositions code too. And that’s the game.

For the 10% off Decrypto, simply say ‘is your word cactus?’ at the counter any time this week.

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