Mind Games - Established in 1977 and based in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, Mind Games is one of the biggest games shops in Australia. We have a wide range of board games, puzzles, role-playing and miniature games and supplies.

What's New, Mind Games? 27/09

If you're a parent you don't need reminding that school holidays are upon us. You're probably basking in the comfort of letting the kids off to run through pastures and play hoola-hoops in the local park with their little pals. What a time to be a child, hey? ...I've just been informed that kids don't do those things any more. Preferring the company of mobile phones and some sort of fidgety spins thing. Well, in that case, take away that nasty phone and stick a game in their hands! Or better yet, don't, and while they're focused on flapping birds or whatever game is trending now you can have some social time with partners and friends over a new, incredible game. Or play them together as a fa

What's New, Mind Games? 18/09/17

Ever feel sometimes that New Releases sneak up on you? Like there's nothing on the foreseeable horizon, yet as you turn to go back home, shoulders slumped in disappointment, you get absolutely mobbed by New Releases! As though they're just waiting in the wings, searching for that perfect opportunity to strike and then! - You wake to find your wallet is much lighter and your body weighed down by bits of cardboard, plastic and paper all strewn about you as though attacked by wild animals. You find there is a strange taste in your mouth. Plastic wrap. Did you really tear into the boxes with your teeth? Or was it those ever annoying decks of cards? Perhaps you will never know. Probably you would

Time to play some Footy!

Look at this all new packaging!!! Footy Feud! is an Australian football themed-card game. Players are dealt numeric cards, and choose the highest value for scoring. The objective is to have the highest score at the end of the game (played over 4 quarters). 4 cards in the deck allow stealing or score multiplication. - Footy Feud! Features all 18 clubs so is great for all footy lovers! -Loved by kids for being quick to learn and easy to play (each game only takes ~15minutes to play) -Strong replay-ability as no two games are ever the same- Endorsed by parents and teachers for improving kids’ numeracy and problem-solving skills (particularly for improving counting and 6x tables) -Great gift op

What's New, Mind Games? 08/09/17

Once again, allow us to start by extending a HUGE thank you to everybody that came along to our incredible 40th Birthday Celebration! It was a massive weekend and we hope you've gotten a great range of games, puzzles, minis, RPGs and dice to last long into your gaming future. It was an exciting weekend for all involved here and we appreciated your patience, your friendliness and making it a birthday to be remembered. Since then the question has been : What to do with all this leftover space? Well, this week we got our answer! Introducing not one, but TWO displays of new, brilliant games that have landed within the last 7 Days! There are a fair amount to go through so brace yourselves! *deep